GameĀ­server ManageĀ­ment.

With extras. Far ahead.

Developed by Sprinect - for gamers. Copilot makes managing gaming instances a breeze, while shining in the best light, both visually and technically. Sprinect Vifo forms the visual backbone and, in combination with carefully developed details, creates a first-class user experience that benefits administrators and end users alike.

State of the Art User experience.

Copilot is based on three essential technologies: Sprinect Visual Foundation, GoLang and Kubernetes. This interaction creates the basis for the simple and efficient management and scaling of game, voice and database instances within simple or complex infrastructure landscapes.

Settings page of Copilot in a Mobile View
Instance Overview of Copilot in a Desktop View
Instance Overview of Copilot in a Mobile View

Flexibility as the backbone

Copilot's flexibility in terms of installation, maintenance and updating reaches out to both home users and professional vendors from many perspectives - but ultimately everyone benefits from the state-of-the-art user experience of the web interface.


The development with GoLang, an open-source and hardware-oriented programming language, is the basis of Copilot.


Kubernetes is quite literally the house in which the respective game, voice and database instances live. Scaling from simple to complex infrastructure landscapes becomes a breeze.


All user interactions pass through the hands of Angular - a modular construction kit that ensures the harmony of visual elements with user actions.


Copilot's visual identity is based on Sprinect Visual Foundation. The web interface and its elements can thus be adapted carefully and in detail to all common device sizes.

On the way to the goal.

Copilot is a product that combines many possibilities with many requirements and can be used by a wide audience at the same time. This approach comes with several visual and technical challenges.


The beginning of Copilot consisted of finding the actual features that are relevant for the corresponding target group. From the beginning, it was also clear that the functionalities of Copilot should be served by a structured, modern, fast and visually appealing web interface.


The design builds on extensive sketches and wireframes of the web interface - for both mobile and stationary devices. The technical aspects were discussed in detail and visualized in diagrams before development. The visual and technical requirements and challenges could thus be further understood and worked out.


The ideas were then turned into a digital product. The basis for this is provided by three fundamental technologies: Visual Foundation, GoLang and Kubernetes. The elaborated technical and visual aspects were carefully developed and implemented with attention to detail.


Through automated code and user tests on various levels, we ensure that Copilot can be relied upon. Effectively, we check whether all cogs interact, whether the web interface behaves as planned and whether all technical aspects go hand in hand with the visual ones.

The final product.

With Copilot, Sprinect creates a product that is unlike any other. The modern, structured and fast web interface makes managing game, voice and database instances a breeze. Combined with powerful and future-proof technologies in the background, which form the backbone of Copilot, the software can be deployed and scaled flawlessly in many infrastructure landscapes.